Welcome to Switcheo’s governance forum!

This platform will be used to share governance-related ideas and proposals to collectively improve the Switcheo TradeHub protocol.


  • Informative and detailed overview on Switcheo TradeHub's governance and how to participate.

  • For discussion on innovative ideas and initiatives that you wish to bring to life on Switcheo TradeHub.

  • An open discussion for proposals that have been submitted to Switcheo TradeHub.

  • An open and collaborative space for the community to discuss matters relating to Switcheo TradeHub's staking economics.

  • Topics related to the creation of new financial markets and its surrounding parameters.

  • Feedback on website design and functionality.

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    [TIP-1] Increase Max Validators to 23 Summary

    This proposal seeks to increase the max number of bonded validators on Switcheo TradeHub to 23 from the current 17.


    Increasing the number of validators will increase decentralization, and also allow for a number of popular but unbonded validators to be re-bonded. The number of validators was initially low to ensure the stability of the network. However, after running for > 1 month, there has been no downtimes and the block time has remained steady at ~2 seconds.

    We propose to increase validators to more than the number of currently bonded plus unbonded validators, so that there will be empty slots, which may encourage new, potentially semi-anonymous, or "self-hosted" validators to join the network and increase decentralization of the chain.

    Risks While block time has been tested to remain low, we have not seen how the chain performs in a production environment with heavy trading. Increasing validators slots may potentially increase block latency due to additional p2p network requests. On the other hand, if such an issue already exists, increasing the no. of validators by just 6 should not exacerbate the issue by much. The issue of block latency can also still be improved later if it turns out to be a problem by further optimizing the core chain code. Scaling solutions like Marlin may also be potential solutions too. A last-ditch mitigation of lowering the block time to ~0.5 (wait for txns for 500ms only), can also be employed so that the overall block latency is kept low.

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    Craft your proposal using the following format:

    Summary Give a brief snapshot of your proposal containing the key details such as: Who is submitting the proposal? What your proposal aims to implement/improve? Description Describe the problem you are solving and the limitations it is causing or the value this proposal will create. Describe the impact of these current limitations on Switcheo TradeHub, or the improvements it will make should this proposal pass. Support it with information and evidence Describe and elaboration on your solution Analyze how and why implementing your proposal will resolve the problem Talk about how your solution will be implemented Discuss who exactly will benefit from this proposal (e.g. Switcheo TradeHub, stakeholders) Define key deliverables and specifications (where relevant) Define a timeline (where relevant) Risk & Benefits Discuss the potential drawbacks of your proposal and any potential mitigations Discuss any auxiliary benefits that may arise from implementing the proposal Supplementary material Add supporting information to strengthen your proposal such as models, graphs, 3rd-party research etc. If you are now submitting the on-chain proposal, remember to link the forum post / discussion topics!

    Once you have submitted your proposal on-chain, you will not be able to amend it. So, do ensure that your proposal is formatted correctly and has all the necessary information before submission.

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    There are 3 types of proposals that can be submitted onto Switcheo TradeHub.

    1. Parameter Change
    2. Text Change (not yet available)
    3. Software Upgrade (not yet available)

    Currently, only “Parameter Change” proposals are possible. Parameter changes are like changing settings. For example, increasing the number of validators is a parameter change.

    Proposals that do not undergo modification of the source code is a plain text proposal. For example, an opinion poll. A software upgrade proposal however requires the validators to update their software in accordance to the passed proposal. Hence, discussion of the software upgrade may be discussed using plain text proposals and only actual upgrades are done via software upgrade proposals.

    Text Change and Software Upgrade proposals will be available in the future.

    Parameters Change Proposals

    Parameters that can be changed, and their current values are as follows, grouped by their respective modules:

    Authentication - auth

    Authentication of accounts, transaction costs and functionality

    MaxMemoCharacters - string (uint64) - 256

    The following parameters are available but currently unused as we are using a fix cost signing:

    TxSigLimit - string (uint64) - 7 TxSizeCostPerByte - string (uint64) - 10 SigVerifyCostED25519 - string (uint64) - 590 SigVerifyCostSecp256k1 - string (uint64) - 1000 Bank - bank

    Token transfer functionalities

    sendenabled - boolean - true Governance - gov

    On-chain governance proposals and voting

    depositparams - object - {"min_deposit":[{"denom":"swth","amount":"10000000"}],"max_deposit_period":"172800000000000"} votingparams - object - {"voting_period":"172800000000000"} tallyparams - object - {"quorum":"0.334000000000000000","threshold":"0.500000000000000000","veto":"0.334000000000000000"} Staking - staking

    Consensus, validator and proof-of-stake concerns

    UnbondingTime - string (time ns) - 259200000000000 MaxValidators - string (uint16) - 17 KeyMaxEntries - uint16 - 17 HistoricalEntries - uint16 - 7 BondDenom - string - swth Slashing - slashing

    Validator penalty mechanisms

    SignedBlocksWindow - string (int64) - 36000 MinSignedPerWindow - string (decimal) - 0.900000000000000000 DowntimeJailDuration - string (time ns) - 3600000000000 SlashFractionDoubleSign - string (decimal) - 0.050000000000000000 SlashFractionDowntime - string (decimal) - 0.010000000000000000 Distribution - distribution

    Fee distribution and staking token provision distribution

    communitytax - string (decimal) - 0.000000000000000000 baseproposerreward - string (decimal) - 0.010000000000000000 bonusproposerreward - string (decimal) - 0.040000000000000000 withdrawaddrenabled - boolean - true

    Changes to these parameters can only be made via a governance proposal or a software upgrade.

    The current value or setting for each parameter can be verified by querying the following endpoint plus the parameter module: https://tradescan.switcheo.org/

    For example, if you would like to query the current staking parameters, you can look it up at: e.g. https://tradescan.switcheo.org/staking/parameters

    The corresponding parameter endpoints are listed here: https://cosmos.network/rpc/v0.37.9

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