Welcome to Switcheo’s governance forum!

This platform will be used to share governance-related ideas and proposals to collectively improve the Switcheo TradeHub protocol.


  • Informative and detailed overview on Switcheo TradeHub's governance and how to participate.

  • For discussion on innovative ideas and initiatives that you wish to bring to life on Switcheo TradeHub.

  • An open discussion for proposals that have been submitted to Switcheo TradeHub.

  • Developer discussion and proposals / progress reports for the Switcheo Development Fund (SDF).

  • An open and collaborative space for the community to discuss matters relating to Switcheo TradeHub's staking economics.

  • Topics related to the creation of new financial markets and its surrounding parameters.

  • Feedback on website design and functionality.

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  • K

    Final proposal passed! Thank you all for your support.

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  • K

    Final proposal submitted ! Please vote at

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  • C


    Thank you for the direction. I downloaded the app and posted. Right now, I know that the Switcheo ip node list is a partial list due to security and other factors. I'm hoping to get in touch with someone (here or there) that can help with an answer/solution.

    Again, thank you!

    Best wishes

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  • K

    Hi , are you on telegram? We can link you up with the right ppl. Come over to @switcheofun.

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