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  • Developer discussion and proposals / progress reports for the Switcheo Development Fund (SDF).

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  • Topics related to the creation of new financial markets and its surrounding parameters.

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    The v1.18.0 software upgrade for Switcheo TradeHub contains the following changes:


    Extend crosschain wrapper module to be generic instead of SWTH-specific (main denom only), allowing any arbitrary source token to be wrapped onto another chain

    API Node Changes

    Add block_height in ws response

    Bug Fixes

    Fix slow websocket blocktimes due to slow db queries

    V1.18.0 Binary Checksum: sha256:8d930d1571ddbb79b42d4c75b4af9415211f793f5bdcfab6887cfdddbb69d1ae
    V1.18.0 Binary Download: Link

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    I like the idea in its essence. Some open questions:

    How does it scale to > 23 validators? (e.g. How does this look like with 100 validators?) Ideally it should work nicely even if max validator num is voted to be larger or smaller by using scaled values, rather than using hard-coded numbers. In terms of implementation - what is needed? Has the cosmos-sdk codebase that is relevant to this (see x/distribution module) been looked at? Core devs only has time to do so after Stargate. If we have consensus on the idea, ideally the patch can be funded by SDF too.

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    @Juanito - Hi, Unfortunately, the proposal claimed from the SDF the exact number of tokens required to fulfil the unswapped users claims, so there are no additional tokens to distribute. As we have told others, if you can rally others who haven't claimed the procedure can be repeated, so long as somebody is prepared to do the legwork to make it happen via a proposal etc.

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    @kang - A kick starter program of some kind for new validators is an interesting idea. Given that stakers (including validators), would be voting to increase the number of validators, it would also be reasonable that they would support them via a stake.

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