Python SDK for Tradehub

  • Summary

    • Title - Switcheo Tradehub Python SDK
    • Details - This project is aimed at widening the tools available to developers by adding Python to the set of available SDKs that can be used to interact with the Tradehub Blockchain. Another main goal is to ensure the SDK is backed by decentralized validators, meaning the code will ensure that communication with the protocol will be aimed at collecting and submitting information only to Validator Sentry end points (public by default and private if configured).


    • Owners

    Devel484 - Tradehub Validator and contributed to original switcheo-python SDK
    Switcheolytics - Create of original switcheo-python SDK

    • Key objectives and value to Switcheo TradeHub and its stakeholders.

    Provide feature compatible SDK based on the work the Switcheo team builds for JS.
    Allowing developers to interact with Tradehub via Python will open the doors to a wider range of developers that may not be familiar with JavaScript.

    • Share how you plan to carry out your project

    Development can be followed on GitHub
    Development will be coordinated between Devel and Switcheolytics

    • Elaborate on the long-term plans for your project and how it will be maintained after launch

    Long term the project would evolve with the needs of other projects by increasing simplicity and usability as well as expanding the use of multiple Blockchains as Tradehub integrates with them. Maintenance can be accomplished via pull requests and anyone is welcome to contribute as is the nature of open source software.

    Risks and Benefits

    • Discuss the potential drawbacks of your project and any mitigations
      Opens up attack vectors from Open Source Python projects that could steal users private keys and subsequent funds. This is no different from the risks involved with JavaScript projects but should be noted. Since the project will be hosted on GitHub they have reports on exploited projects as well as integration with other build tools that can assist with keeping project dependencies up to date.

    • Discuss any auxiliary benefits that may arise from implementing the project

    Other projects and traders have been asking for a Python client so I believe more projects will be generated from the implementation of a Python SDK as well as added liquidity to DeMex pairs.

    Project Roadmap and Key Deliverables

    • Define a realistic timeline and roadmap for your project

    Deliverable 1: Tradehub & basic DeMex integration - January 2021
    Deliverable 2: Ethereum integration - February 2021
    Deliverable 3: NEO integration - March 2021
    Deliverable 4: Simplified client for trading - June 2021

    • Elaborate on key deliverables and specifications within your roadmap

    Deliverable 1: Cosmos signatures and endpoint mapping
    Deliverable 2: Ethereum signatures and endpoint mapping
    Deliverable 3: NEO signatures and endpoint mapping
    Deliverable 4: DeMex trading customizations & Websocket customization and hardening


    • Share the total budget required for your project (in USD) - $2,500 (125k SWTH)

    • Breakdown the budget for each project deliverable stated above for the fund release process (e.g. 10% to Deliverable #1, 20% to Deliverable #2)

    Deliverable 1: 40%
    Deliverable 2: 10%
    Deliverable 3: 10%
    Deliverable 4: 40%

    Switcheo TradeHub Wallet Address

    Ideally this is a Validator that can act as escrow to help split funds until a multi-sig wallet is available.

    The great intsoL has agreed to be an escrow account with his validator wallet and distribute funds accordingly as they become available and deliverables are met: swth1yyepjpjsrve6vy6l77nk88dtts8la9r3kpy3jz

  • I can only support this great initiative 👍 !

  • fully support this initiative!

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